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IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF STATE OF GEORGIA Petitioner Inmate Number vs. Warden Respondent Name of Institution where you are now located Civil Action No. Habeas Corpus APPLICATION FOR WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS PART I BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON YOUR CONVICTION Name county and court which entered the judgment of conviction under attack Date of conviction Length of sentence s Were you sentenced on more than one count of an indictment or on more than one indictment in the same court and at the same time...
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Hello friends welcome to exam tricks today we are going to learn a trick to remember rates in the Indian Constitution but before that let's understand the meaning of the rates rate means an order issued by an authority under article 32 in right to constitutional remedy Supreme Court can issue writs and High Court issues order under Article 226 different type of types of fritzsche our first habeas corpus then mandamus prohibition territory and key over on to these are Latin words so first of all let us understand the meaning of these words habeas corpus means to have the body of this writ is issued when a person is detained by another person and another person or any public authority then this writ is issued who produce that person in the code and then code inquires whether the detention is legal or illegal if it is illegal then that person is released it can be issued against both public sorry for the spelling as well as private individual this is an important fact please keep in mind it can be asked in the examination with that habeas corpus writ is issued against private individual or not then second root is mandamus it means we ordered it is in order you should by the code against public officials to do their duty but then the nature of duty is discretionary it cannot be issued so it orders activity when a public official fails to do his duty or refuses to perform his/her duty then this order is issued then the third route is prohibition who forbid while mandamus gives activity prohibition gives in tivity it 4-bits the action it is you should be higher for to lower hood to prevent it from exceeding the jurisdiction it can be issued against judiciary as well as tribunals higher put like Supreme Court and High Court can issue order against lower course judiciary and tribunals to prohibit them from exceeding their jurisdiction then the ex rate is serrator re which means to be certified or to be informed here again Supreme Court takes the cases pending in the inferior code or squashes any order given by the inferior code it can be issued against judicial semi judicial and administrative bodies earlier it was not issued against administrative bodies but it is now it should address administrative bodies finally the last one is qu warrant o which means by what warrant here the court examines whether the authority or claim of a person to office's rightful or not it is issued against an assertive body but it cannot be issued against any ministerial office I learned as well as against President or governor and one important fact regarding this writ is it can be sought by any person which means any person can ask for this rate while the others rates habeas corpus prohibition secretary can be filed only by the aggrieved person the person who is affected by this by any act that person can only file these roots by queue or Anto can be sought by any person now I hope you understand the meaning of this read let us form a trick to remember the Ritz if you...